What Wikipedia Can’t Show You About Creation & Your Role In It!

A couple of years ago, I almost died during a visit to the ancient Inca city of Cusco, Peru. I had a bleed on the brain caused by altitude. As we descended to lower altitude, barely conscious, freezing cold and sliding around on the vinyl backseat of an old car, I had a vision. Everything I could see suddenly became transparent, like a drawing or tracing. The people in the front seats of the car and the car itself were just outlines, and the houses, power poles and trees flashing past outside were ghostly and ephemeral.

Superimposed over these tracings was a vast, intricate network of millions of tiny filaments of light. Each one was about the size and length of a matchstick, with an enlarged head. They were joined together in what I can only describe as a kind of net – orderly, geometric, radiant and utterly perfect.

Not what it looked like, but close enough to give you an idea!

The filaments were so bright and vivid, I was filled with wonder. They were reality in that moment, and the forms I was so used to seeing, were mere illusion.

Everything is filaments of light!” I cried out.

My words came out slurred. The human outlines in the front of the car turned around and stared at me, frowning. The vision remained for several more minutes. To this day those filaments are scorched into my memory. I have never seen anything like it, before or since!

Recovering in beautiful gardens after my brush with death

That vision has come back to me again and again over the last couple of years, insistent.

I recently started a training with the Lorian Association. One of the core tenets of this training is that all things are a manifestation of the sacred. It sounds simple as a concept, but if you feel into the idea that everything around you right now is a manifestation of the sacred and is shining it’s own light into the world, suddenly you are no longer the sun at the centre of your world. You become one of many – one light in an intricate web of lights.

If this is true, that we are a living manifestation of the sacred, shining our own light into the world and connected by that magnificent web to every other manifestation of the sacred, then creation is truly alive and responding to our relationship with it.

Everything around you right now is responding to your relationship to it – your chair, your computer, your cup, your phone, your car, your children, your spouse, your parents, the floor beneath your feet, the trees you walk past, the clouds in the sky – EVERYTHING!!!

It can be an overwhelming realisation – the idea that all things in your environment are responding to your relationship to them.

It’s also incredibly supportive. If we are connected in this web of light, we are supported ALWAYS by everything around us, even if we’re not aware of it.

So what is your relationship to everything in your environment?

Are you frustrated with your computer because the internet’s going slow? Are you disappointed with your partner because they’re not supportive enough? Are you mad at your kid’s teacher for being too disciplinarian and not touchy-feely enough? Are you walking around in a Mars retrograde phase, certain that all your technology is going to go wrong?

Or are you feeling the energy of being totally connected to all the other filaments of life, supported, held always, and here to let your inner flame burn in all it’s unique beauty?

Everything around you is responding to your relationship to it. Try it on for size, see how you go …

If you’d like to explore this more deeply and look at your relationship to your life and everything in it, take yourself through this free process.

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