Your dream matters

Bring your dream to thriving with my group coaching offering

You'd love greater self-confidence and self-belief in what you have to share and your capacity to share it. You want to clear blocks around money and visibility. You yearn for strong connection to the source of your deepest wisdom.

And you'd love to kick-off 2018 feeling on purpose and clear about your direction in life!

You're in the right place!

You could be one of twelve women taking this journey in the company of other courageous, soulful women!

THE FINDING - Life Alchemy for Creatives, Healers & Changemakers

It's 5 weeks of game-changing modules and live support calls.

It's a beautifully supportive structure, almost unbreakable accountability, and profound connection with courageous women on the same journey as you.

THE FINDING is your pathway to bringing your dreams and creations to abundant thriving.

Ilka Oster

Pollyanna’s coaching is wonderful and life changing. She is gentle and caring but also guides you to those deeper parts of yourself. My intuition and sense of self has expanded and I got very clear on who I am and what I want to create. If you want to keep stepping towards your true self, I cannot recommend Pollyanna more highly.

Ilka Oster, Growing Inner Wealth


This is for you if these statements sing to you:


  • You have a business, a book, an exhibition, a relationship - a dream - that you want to bring to thriving
  • You'd love meaningful connection and support from amazing women on the same journey as you
  • You yearn for strong connection to the source of your deepest wisdom


First up ... a half hour one on one phone session

... before we begin so that you can get crystal clear on what you'd love to receive from THE FINDING.

Five weekly video modules:

Embracing Vulnerability, Your Creation, Money, Visibility, and Wholeness. Each one will take you on a journey of self-discovery, radical self-acceptance and strong connection to the source of your own deepest intuitive wisdom.

Six live weekly group calls ...

... for support, grounding the work, accountability and addressing what arises along the way. These calls will help you assimilate what you're learning, address your questions and provide you with support from both myself and the group.

Your Finding Sister ...

You will be intuitively assigned a Finding Sister - a woman taking this course to walk the path with you.

She will be your accountability, your support, and someone to share your deeper learnings with.

You will have a call with her once a week. Each call has a structure to ensure you both have equal support and connection. This is a key part of the journey and creates almost unbreakable accountability. Perhaps this brings up resistance for you? If yes, that great! It means there's deep transformation to be had.


Each video module includes explorations for you to take in the following week. They deepen your understanding of yourself and your connection to your intuition. They expand your capacity to be the wise, inspired, creative force in your own life.

An amazing book

That I believe should be required reading for all humans! It will help you to open your wings more fully on this journey.

An beautiful handmade journal

To capture your explorations, thoughts, aha's and insights in one place.

Chris Morris

My experience with THE FINDING is.... I found me. The discovery of my insecurities to my strengths in a safe and energetic place in time. I was guided by Pollyanna through an amazing process that allowed me to express the very best I am and can be. Add to this wonderful experience having a Finding sister to hold space for me, to breathe, explore and share my journey as I did for her. Thank you Pollyanna for taking the fear and anxious veil away from me and letting me see the world I wish to create.

Chris Morris

Secure your place now.

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Doreen Vonier

Pollyanna was able to provide me with a new platform from which to live my life, in full expression of who I am. Her intuition and guidance saw me establish a renewed faith and empowered purpose for which I am truly grateful. Thanks so much, Pollyanna.

Doreen Vonier



This isn't one of those programs where you work through the modules on your own, unsupported, wondering what you got yourself into.

This isn't a course. THE FINDING is a journey. And we're taking it together.

I love my coaching clients.

I want you to feel really supported and to know that if you're struggling with any aspect of the course, you have multiple avenues for getting clarity and relief.



We begin on Thursday January 18th, with the Introductory call at 12.30pm AEST.

The other calls are at the same time on: 25th January, 1st February, 8th February, 15th  February and we wrap up on 22nd February.

There's real power in women coming together to support each other for their highest good.

If you can't make a particular call, you can submit your questions beforehand and I will endeavour to answer them. The calls will be recorded, however I urge you to attend live. As part of your commitment to yourself and your journey, I recommend that you sign up only if you can make the live calls. If you have to miss one because something comes up, that's not a big deal, but if you know you'll miss more than one, you'll be short changing yourself.

All your FINDING materials – videos, explorations and other information will be delivered via a secret Facebook group. This also allows us to connect between calls and share how you're travelling, ask questions, ask for support etc.

I will be there to support you all the way via our Facebook group.

I'm so excited about THE FINDING!  It's going to be supportive, connecting, transformational and amazing!


I want to honour your willingness to jump and find out more! Five weeks of video modules, a half hour one-on-one with me, 6 group calls, your book, your journal and all the support, love and accountability we can muster up is $444. That's just $88 a week!

If THE FINDING is calling to you, book in now and secure your place.

I'm In!!! Secure my place now


You CAN overcome your resistance, avoidance, procrastination, self-sabotage and lack of self-belief, and bring your dream to thriving. THE FINDING was created to help you do just that - to keep you engaged, accountable, supported and growing.

That book, idea, business, relationship, artwork, healing centre, album, or whatever your vision is, can come to full, vital, abundant life.

THE FINDING will bring you clarity around what you need to do, who you need to be to pull it off, and what it is about what you're creating that really makes your heart sing!


I'm in it for the 'NO WAY!!!'

THE FINDING has been in the pipelines for years and is finally birthing - I'm SO excited!

I love the no-way! I love that when a client changes their mindset or focus, life steps up to support them and BOOM - amazing transformation! All I can say is no way!

I've been working with women just like you for 10 years. I absolutely love to see women claim their innate power. I love to see women claiming their wholeness and bringing their dreams into reality. It thrills me deep into my bones!

And when we come together as a group, with joint intention, we're tapping into the power of 1 + 1 = 3!!! I know it sounds weird, but when you put creative minds together, a third force is created - a potent force for inspiration and change. That's real magic.

I'm a mother of four, a passionate Earthlover, an award-winning writer, a women's empowerment facilitator, a wildly intuitive life coach, and I want to see you THRIVE!

If your heart is saying yes (and it can say yes even as you experience resistance – I know all about that from personal experience!), please secure your spot today. I have space for just twelve women.

If your heart is singing out YES to this and you have financial issues that prevent you from jumping straight in, please get in touch and we can talk about a payment plan.

If you have any questions, even tiny ones, email me here and I'll do my best to answer them. We can also chat on the phone if you'd prefer. So call me on 0427 971951!

From my heart to yours ...

Secure my place in The Finding


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