The First Thing I Do Every Morning

… is roll out of bed, open the doors to the verandah, step outside and fill my lungs with morning air.


Because I am Earth. We are Nature. We are a part of a closed system that has been recycling the same molecules for millenia (let that blow your mind for a moment).

Everything that has been and will be is a part of us.


And the first thing I want to do in the morning is feel my connection to that everything …

… gauge the temperature, sniff for rain, check the feeling in the landscape, feel my feet on the ground.

I don’t check my phone or computer.

I don’t look at my to-do list.

I luxuriate in the whisperings of the day until awake floods my body.

Often the nature of the day reflects back to me how I feel on the inside. Perhaps you’ve experienced that too?

Low grey clouds and a closed in feeling often means tiredness and a need to retreat from things like social media.

Bright sunshine, abundant bees and birds bring a desire to be social and out in the world with offerings, seeing friends and sharing my gifts.

Deep listening to Earth and Nature also allows your own deeper wisdom to bubble up. It’s so tempting to rush from waking into to-do lists, kids, breakfast, devices etc. The world seemingly runs on busy.

But when you make the time and space to receive Nature, you are also making time and space to feel your inner world.

Are you willing to gift that to yourself?


What do you do first thing in the morning? I’d love to hear about your practice and what is does for you. And if you don’t have a practice first thing, what’s preventing you? (I remember how tough it was to have one when my babies were small).


  • Julie

    Reply Reply December 18, 2017

    Thanks Pollyanna, you’ve inspired me! To luxuriate in the whisperings of the natural world around me – such a gentle and natural way to welcome in the day. I’m starting tomorrow!

    • darling_lover

      Reply Reply December 18, 2017

      Yay Julie! That’s great. I’d love you to share what you notice over time. x

  • Elizabeth

    Reply Reply December 18, 2017

    This would be my ideal morning routine too, but living in the Northern hemisphere makes it less appealing at present. Currently 2 degrees Celsius. Enjoy !

    • darling_lover

      Reply Reply December 19, 2017

      Brrrr!!! That’s cold Elizabeth. I hear you on that. I still do it in Winter, but ours is a bit milder! I grew up in England and I know just how unappealing freezing cold mornings are.

  • Margaret Bending

    Reply Reply December 19, 2017

    That is a lovely way to start the day. Especially out where you live Pollyanna.
    My first thing is to run outside and see if the Sun is up yet. Watch the colours of the morning, and pat my cat who comes to greet me.
    I put on my runners and off to the park to run, and breathe amongst the trees there. By now the Sun is up and casting a beautiful light through the trees. I make my way home again.

    • darling_lover

      Reply Reply December 20, 2017

      That sounds really nourishing Margie 🙂

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