Should You Live Each Day As If It Were Your Last?

Warning: This post contains statements of the blindingly obvious. Sometimes this is where the gold is … Two things in this life are absolutely certain: Death is coming – dispatched at the moment of conception, ETA unknown; and On the other side of every experience that doesn’t kill you, is more life, regardless of your…

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Capturing Beauty

What Do Your Eyes Harvest? The other morning, the mango flowers caught my attention. Mid-morning light filtered through clouds, soft and warm. The clusters of pale yellow flowers, stamen and pollen glowed – red stalks popping from lush green foliage. They were luminous in their beauty. I attempted to capture this beauty through the lens…

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Guardians at the Gates of Creation

image: the wall guardian from the movie Stardust(2007) This was originally posted on my darlingwords blog in 2011. It’s been so well loved and asked after, I’m re-posting here. Guardians at the Gates of Creation At 23, recently arrived in Australia and seduced by the glamour, I decided to learn to surf. I was living…

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feeling emotions

The Trick to Really Feeling Your Emotions – And Accessing Deep Transformation

Never underestimate the transformative power of feeling how you feel! It’s a straightforward process. But there’s a trick to it … Why Feel Your Feelings Fully? We don’t fully feel our feelings (even the enjoyable ones) for varied reasons: busy lives family conditioning (especially around anger) societal conditioning (self-doubt, anxiety and fear are big no-nos)…

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Why Getting A Parking Space Might Not Be Good & The Trick To Finding Meaning In Tragedy

“The tragedy of life is not so much what men suffer, but rather what they miss.”~Thomas Carlyle Why is it that seeming good fortune is often accompanied by seeming bad fortune? Life is “going well”. It feels as if a portal of creation is open – I only have to think a thought and what…

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Fear of Disappointment

Fear of Disappointment – The Secret to Being & Doing What You Want Despite the Fear that It Will All Come to Nothing

“I’m afraid of doing what I know I want to do, in case it doesn’t turn out the way I want it to. And then I’ll be really disappointed … again.” Living with fear of disappointment is crippling. It creates a state of inertia and inaction. This leads to dissatisfaction, frustrated creativity, and creeping disappointment…

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Let’s Make This The Year of Radical Self-Care!

Here we are, facing down another year and wondering whether to make a resolution, what resolution to make, and why make a resolution at all. New Year’s Resolutions Generally Fail According to, just 8% of people achieve their resolutsions. Why? Because most people choose a resolution based on something they want to avoid, get…

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