Persistence – Is It A Dirty Word?

What is persistence? Is it stubbornly continuing with something in a pig-headed way, despite all obstacles, at the cost of your health, job, relationship, etc? And what is the point of persisting anyway? What’s it going to do for you? Persistence is generally associated with a kind of dogged determination to reach the end, no…

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Should You Live Each Day As If It Were Your Last?

Warning: This post contains statements of the blindingly obvious. Sometimes this is where the gold is … Two things in this life are absolutely certain: Death is coming – dispatched at the moment of conception, ETA unknown; and On the other side of every experience that doesn’t kill you, is more life, regardless of your…

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Capturing Beauty

What Do Your Eyes Harvest? The other morning, the mango flowers caught my attention. Mid-morning light filtered through clouds, soft and warm. The clusters of pale yellow flowers, stamen and pollen glowed – red stalks popping from lush green foliage. They were luminous in their beauty. I attempted to capture this beauty through the lens…

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Guardians at the Gates of Creation

image: the wall guardian from the movie Stardust(2007) This was originally posted on my darlingwords blog in 2011. It’s been so well loved and asked after, I’m re-posting here. Guardians at the Gates of Creation At 23, recently arrived in Australia and seduced by the glamour, I decided to learn to surf. I was living…

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feeling emotions

The Trick to Really Feeling Your Emotions – And Accessing Deep Transformation

Never underestimate the transformative power of feeling how you feel! It’s a straightforward process. But there’s a trick to it … Why Feel Your Feelings Fully? We don’t fully feel our feelings (even the enjoyable ones) for varied reasons: busy lives family conditioning (especially around anger) societal conditioning (self-doubt, anxiety and fear are big no-nos)…

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Why Getting A Parking Space Might Not Be Good & The Trick To Finding Meaning In Tragedy

“The tragedy of life is not so much what men suffer, but rather what they miss.”~Thomas Carlyle Why is it that seeming good fortune is often accompanied by seeming bad fortune? Life is “going well”. It feels as if a portal of creation is open – I only have to think a thought and what…

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Fear of Disappointment

Fear of Disappointment – The Secret to Being & Doing What You Want Despite the Fear that It Will All Come to Nothing

“I’m afraid of doing what I know I want to do, in case it doesn’t turn out the way I want it to. And then I’ll be really disappointed … again.” Living with fear of disappointment is crippling. It creates a state of inertia and inaction. This leads to dissatisfaction, frustrated creativity, and creeping disappointment…

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Let’s Make This The Year of Radical Self-Care!

Here we are, facing down another year and wondering whether to make a resolution, what resolution to make, and why make a resolution at all. New Year’s Resolutions Generally Fail According to, just 8% of people achieve their resolutsions. Why? Because most people choose a resolution based on something they want to avoid, get…

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