The Alchemy of Being Grounded – And 10 Super Effective Ways to Achieve It

Think of the last time you made a decision you later regretted: it might have been a purchase, something you said, some reaction you had. Did you feel grounded when you made that decision? Most likely the answer is no.

If you’re an intuitive person, an empath or someone who’s sensitive to energies, it’s REALLY important to ground yourself. If you don’t, you will find yourself behaving in ways that are self-sabotaging, exhausting and unenjoyable.

We all know what it’s like to feel ungrounded:

  • You feel like you’re chasing your tail,
  • You get super busy,
  • You forget really important things, and find yourself apologising often,
  • You forget what you’re saying mid-sentence,
  • You can’t keep your attention on the person who is speaking to you – you see them speaking but the words don’t seem to go in,
  • You spend a lot of time fantasising,
  • It’s tricky to access your intuition or make sense of it,
  • You’re unwilling to look at anything ‘negative’,
  • You feel unduly swayed by others opinions and energy,
  • Your mind flits from topic to topic,
  • There’s a feeling of not being in your body,
  • It’s difficult to make decisions
  • You yearn for your most favoured tension resolver – coffee, TV, food, alcohol, arguing etc

What does being grounded mean?

Certain circles of people (who may wear yoga pants and drink turmeric lattes!) talk A LOT about ‘being grounded’, ‘getting grounded’ and ‘feeling grounded’. What are they on about?

Groundedness comes from within. When you’re grounded you can feel yourself within your body. You’re present in this moment – not floating off on future projections, or lost in the past. You have a feeling of being centred and balanced. You can feel your feet without having to make an effort!

You may find that certain situations (especially social ones), stress, or being around particular people leave you feeling ungrounded.

Why be grounded?

There are myriad reasons to get grounded …

  • When you’re grounded you can hear the messages from your body. They can range from what foods to eat, to what to say in the next moment, to what action to take in your life or business.
  • You are more easily able to access actionable intuition and inspiration. It’s also easier to find your own sense of yourself (especially if you someone who is easily influenced by the opinions and energies of others).
  • You are aware of your current physical and emotional state; ie. tired, irritable, happy, sad, full of energy etc. That awareness means you will act in ways that are aligned with your present state, instead of pushing through or stuffing your feelings. When you are more aware of your emotional state, you can actually feel your emotions, which in turn lets them shift and transform.
  • You are present with what is taking place around you. This means you are much more likely to respond appropriately. This is especially true for those of us with children – being grounded allows you to be creative and appropriate in your responses, instead of acting from conditioning, family patterns or reactivity.
  • You have access to the wisdom of your whole being – the interconnected emotional, physical, spiritual being that is absolutely alive, aware and awake. This is a VERY different space to live from than your usual conditioned, reactive, narrow view of reality.

The 10 Most Effective Ways to Ground Yourself

1. Go outside, take off your shoes and socks and stand on the Earth. Find a patch of grass or dirt (concrete will do if there’s no other choice). Breathe deeply.

2. Bring your awareness into your feet. Too often we associate awareness with the head. Shifting your awareness into your feet is very grounding. Try walking like this, with all of your awareness in your feet. (Incidentally, this technique can transform your experience if you’re walking in Nature. Try it.)

3. Use your senses to notice. Notice the sounds around you, notice the smells, notice the sensation of sitting/standing, notice what you’re looking at (what are the patterns, colours and textures), notice the feeling of the air on your skin, notice the temperature, notice the weather, notice the sense of season, notice your sense of place, notice physical sensations in your body. This is incredibly grounding and can be done anywhere.

4. Do a brain dump – write out (or use a voice recorder) to get down everything that’s on your mind – categorise it by different areas of your life and pour out all the niggles and to do’s. This will decrease the chatter in your mind and make grounding much easier.

5. Weave with natural fibres (ditto for knitting and crochet).

6. Do some kind of physical activity in Nature: surf, climb, swim in the ocean, do yoga outside, etc

7. Spend two minutes in a ‘power pose’ as Amy Cuddy calls them (a link to her brilliant TED talk is here). Put your hands on your hips, feet hip width apart, open your chest, keep your spine straight and just breathe. This will lower your cortisol (stress) levels and ground you in your body.

8. Notice what you’re thinking – jot the thoughts down, dump them out

9. Lie on the ground (or a blanket on the ground) and relax your whole body. Let yourself be supported by the Earth. Let your awareness drop down into the Earth beneath and breathe into it.

10. If you have any kind of pet, focus all your energy on patting it – notice the feeling of the fur/feathers/skin under your fingertips, notice your pet’s response to your touch, see if you can feel into the energy that’s being exchanged.

It can be more difficult to get grounded if you are in strong physical or emotional pain. If this happens, the best thing you can do is to take tender, loving care of yourself in whatever way works – take a bath, get some decent sleep, prepare yourself a really nourishing meal, talk to someone you love, have a good cry etc. Self-care can also be very grounding.

If you’d like to explore this more deeply and get grounded in the profound, life-changing wisdom of your whole being, take yourself through this simple, powerful process.

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