If you have an issue or challenge that's getting you down, or a creation you'd love to birth, an Insight Session is perfect. You will be gently guided through a process that brings insight, clarity and a shift in vibration.

These sessions are great for:

~ shifting out of anxiety and confusion

~ ending procrastination

~ getting a clear vision for what you want to create in your life

~ receiving doable action steps

~ shifting into an empowered vibration

A one hour session is AUD$150. Given via phone or Skype.

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Awakening the Wild Self is designed to connect you more deeply to the wise (and wild) woman within, the one Clarissa Pinkola Estes calls La Loba - the wolf woman. We all resonate somewhere with the words Wild Woman - it stirs something deep within. Connection with this archetypal energy is life-changing and empowering. The power of the Wild Woman is transformational and shows up differently in each woman.

There is a ridiculous misconception in our culture about the Wild Woman being hot, sexy and tribal! This energy is much much more than that, and it resides within you.

This work is soulful, poetic and very empowering. The investment in yourself is AUD$180 for the two sessions (first session is approx. 1 hour, follow up is 45 minutes). All sessions are via phone or Skype.

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