Kiss Goodbye to ...

  • emotional meltdowns
  • relationship hiccups
  • wrestling with old traumas and blocks
  • anxiety, stress and feeling like you're getting nowhere

and Embrace ...

  • becoming a natural leader in your field
  • creating sensual passionate relationships
  • embodying your innate feminine wisdom
  • ... and falling in love with your life!

Coaching Solutions

That's me, Pollyanna Darling, with the purple hair! I partner with creative professionals who want to move beyond old traumas and self-sabotage and harness the grounded power of their authentic selves. An intuitive coaching partner provides a sounding board for difficult issues, deep insight into your genius, and accountability for your actions. And there's more ...

Kirsty Chalmers

The series of six coaching sessions with Pollyanna have enabled me to move with ease out of my ‘stuff’ and back into my heart. The well designed structure of these sessions (combined with Pollyanna’s wisdom and genuine intention to be of service to my highest good) have empowered me to move out of a place where I felt very stuck and saw myself as having no future. I now look forward to the year ahead with renewed optimism and excitement. I am deeply grateful.

Kirsty Chalmers Artist & Illustrator

You are in the right place ...

If old trauma has you reacting to life in ways that feel dysfunctional. If you feel like these issues are preventing you from moving forward with your career, your relationships, and your creative pursuits.

It doesn't have to be that way ...


Cath Marr

Albert Einstein said “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant & has forgotten the gift.”

For me, I’d started the intuitive journey many years ago however I never felt like I progressed much further. I felt stuck in my rational comfortable mind.

If you dare, Pollyanna will take you along a journey that involves getting out of your comfortable rational mind and delving into your inner child, outer child and adult self. A powerful process that contributes to harnessing the power of your intuition so you can see that it is possible to take leaps forward and start to live more of the life you want.

Pollyanna lives what she teaches and her intuitive coaching gifts means she will see into your heart and teach you to love even those parts you thought you would never like.  You learn life changing every day tools that offer you realistic steps to move towards the things you truly want ….and that it is possible to follow your intuition and live your dreams.

You will be in good hands….loving hands.  Until my next step on the journey X Cath

Cath Marr

You are also in the right place ...

If you want to become a leader in your field. If you want to express yourself creatively. If you want more sex and fewer arguments. If you want to feel more positive about yourself and your life. Or if you want to explore who you are in your authentic core and how you can bring that to every area of your life.

Deeann Smith

I have just completed the 3 month coaching package  ADVENTURE INTO AUTHENTICITY!!!! Pollyanna’s inspiring work and intuition has allowed for the deeply hidden blockages to be uncovered and healed. I am now able to move forward with my life. Pollyanna’s adventure has truly changed my life and my direction. I have more confidence in achieving my goals now.

Thank you Pollyanna for your inspiration and helping me empower myself.

Deeann Smith

Let's get really clear

Intuitive coaching is for you if you have a BIG YES to most of the statements below:

  • You'd love to be doing work that brings you deep satisfaction
  • You want sensual, loving bliss and connection with your partner
  • You want to feel more relaxed, satisfied and expansive
  • You want your relationships with your family and children to feel easier and less stressful.
  • You want to rekindle your sense of purpose
  • You want practical tools to accelerate your growth
  • You'd love to work with a coach who absolutely gets who you really are
Margaret Bending

With Pollyanna’s guidance, I have created a forward movement in my life. She has helped me to help myself overcome anxiety, and self-defeating behaviour, by connecting to my Adult Self and making a commitment to taking action. All this has created a deep sense of Inner Peace, and hence “Freedom”.  Pollyanna’s intuitive ability to nail what is truly of me is remarkable.  Thank you for your non- judgemental honest feed-back.

Margaret Bending Living Art by Margie

Step into your authentic self. Stop over-reacting. Own what you truly want in life. Create sensuality, passion and support in your personal relationships. Fall in love with your life!

Packages start at AUD $996 for a 3 month in-depth programme that's tailored to your needs and desires.

VIP programme available.

Let's connect (via phone or  Skype)! Book your complimentary Breakthrough Coaching Session today!

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Liz Page

I have just completed a 6 session program with Pollyanna called ‘Adventure into Authenticity’ and want to tell anyone who is considering working with her to STEP FORWARD AND DO IT!

The work we did together was powerful yet very gentle, I felt fully supported across obstacles that had stood in my path for decades.

Thank you Pollyanna for lighting the way. I look forward to journeying with you again soon in ‘The Finding’.

Liz Page Sunshine Coast Feldenkrais

I received an introductory life coaching session, excited, but not knowing what to expect. Pollyanna took me that further step I needed so crucially. She guided me to self-empowerment and a deep sense of inner peace and deep-seatedness within myself during the session, on a level I have never experienced before. She made me aware of my current reality and took me through a visualisation experience, and my life changed overnight! I reclaimed and am living joyfully, with my future visions working here and now. My sense of humour is also coming out!! I recommend this life coaching experience that has been life changing for me.

Jewel White Stone

Thank you so much for your clarity, Pollyanna. In just one breakthrough session you made me feel understood, not in an enabling way but in a concise, yet simplistic and empathetic manner. You have helped me see that there is an easy, un-convoluted and most of all unchallenging approach to my current situation. I feel so much lighter, sanguine and curious about potential next steps.

Kathrin Morlak

** conditions apply - limit of one Breakthrough Session per person

How do I ...?

How do I become a client?

It's really really important to me that we are a good match. That what I offer is a perfect match for your needs. This ensures you get the most value out of our coaching partnership and the end results you are looking for. If you like what you see here and you feel called to coach with me, book your complimentary breakthrough session now.

How is the coaching delivered?

All sessions are delivered via phone or Skype. Once you have been accepted into a coaching program, we will work together to find the best times for both of us.

What is intuitive coaching and how is it different to regular life coaching?

Want to see the truth beyond your rational mind, your social conditioning, your family of origin and your perception of self? Using intuition in the coaching process offers profound depth. It brings your 'stuff' into the light. It provides clarity around the issues that trouble you. And best of all, it allows you to embody your genius.

Does it matter if I'm not in Australia?

Not at all. Most US, NZ, UK and Canadian time zones work with Australia.

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