Capturing Beauty

What Do Your Eyes Harvest?

The other morning, the mango flowers caught my attention. Mid-morning light filtered through clouds, soft and warm. The clusters of pale yellow flowers, stamen and pollen glowed – red stalks popping from lush green foliage. They were luminous in their beauty.

capturing beauty

I attempted to capture this beauty through the lens of my camera; to use technology to record a single moment of light and colour. I am a newbie at this, so the process is hit and miss! But why was I trying to record this beauty?

To share the wonder that only my eyes saw in that moment. To harvest a moment. Within that moment is what 19th century French novelist Stendahl described as la promesse de bonheur, “the promise of happiness.”

Your eyes are seeing too. In every moment they are harvesting. What do they harvest? Beauty? Neglect? Misery? Happiness? Tenderness? Injustice?

Photography teaches us to look intently at what is around us, to notice, to see with fresh eyes. What we see is coloured by our intentions. We have a choice about what to ‘look’ for. Currently, I am looking for the quality of light and how it alters a subject. This is also what I search for at a deeper level. How does the light penetrate the darkness? How does it change circumstance, thought, relationship?


Your seeing is unique. The way that you process and capture what you see may vary. What matters is that you look. And that you share your absolutely unique perspective with the rest of us, so that we can appreciate the diversity of being alive, feel our own aliveness and wonder.

Imagine that you have a camera handy always, what would you capture and why? What is your unique seeing and how does this relate to the focus of the rest of your life? I’d love to hear about it.


  • Margaret Bending

    Reply Reply September 6, 2016

    I love this topic, lovely to hear you are delving further into this form of self expression Pollyanna.
    For me, it’s about what moves me emotionally. Whether it is the light,
    The colours,the expression on someone’s face, or a subject matter that is close to my heart like the environment.

    Is my focus.
    It is a language without words just using pictures, shapes shadows and light. Much like a poet uses words, or an artist uses paint.

    • darling_lover

      Reply Reply September 7, 2016

      Yes, it is a language and such a potent metaphor for other areas of life, I find. x

  • Pam Blamey

    Reply Reply September 7, 2016

    I love having the camera on my phone. I often take photos of pattern in nature, cloud formations and textiles. Looking for and seeing beauty fills my well.

    • darling_lover

      Reply Reply September 8, 2016

      I love patterns too, Pam. Once you start seeing them, it’s hard to stop, I find!

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