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I'm In It For The NO-WAY!!!

I love the no-way! I love that when a client changes their mindset or focus, life steps up to support them and BOOM - amazing transformation! All I can say is no way! It defies everything we've been conditioned to believe. Coaching is the gift that I can share that gives me the most satisfaction. Let me explain.

In 2007, I completed two years of intuitive alchemy training that gave me the skills and tools to start coaching. I found the courage to leave a very unhappy marriage. I also consciously created another relationship that is as beautiful today as it was eight years ago.

I love the mystery of exploring a person's true nature and bringing it into reality. It is a completely magical process that can lead to radical transformation. I have a gift for the intuitive coaching process. I also love love love words. These skills allow me to translate what I see and bring it to life through language. This produces a profound vibration shift for the client, from limited to expansive, from unconfident to decisive and grounded. But there's more ...


A Unique View of Reality

I was born into a family with a few issues – alcoholism and mental illness. So I took on a lot of responsibility very young. This led me to take everything too seriously. I refused to commit 100% to anything. As a result I struggled with depression, anxiety and relationship difficulties. I resented the hell out of everyone and everything in my life, especially the person at the centre of it – me.

And then I nearly died - twice!! The second time, in the Peruvian Andes, radically changed my life. I made a deal with my higher self and now I'm a different person. One who loves life, who is fully 100% in, committed, playful and curious – absolutely in it for the adventure.

I live life at my growing edge. I have learned how best to nurture myself. I've had a massive upgrade in:

  • my business,
  • what I believe is possible in my life,
  • my perception of myself,
  • my connection with Nature,
  • and my relationship with everyone around me.

I have fallen head over heels in love with my life and everything in it. I have inspiring creative clients. I'm making more money. I'm taking risks that delight me and every day I look forward to the humour and real world magic that life offers.


... and I'm super up for diving into a coaching adventure with YOU!

Step into your authentic self, Own what you truly want in life. Stop over-reacting. Create sensuality, passion and support in your personal relationships. Move confidently towards your work goals.

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