3 Actions You Can Take Right Now to Access Your True Power

3 Actions You Can Take Right Now to Access Your True Power

It’s easy to let life slip through your fingers; to live each day the same as the one before, hoping, hoping, hoping that something will change just because you hope it so. It’s painfully easy to live out the same patterns of thinking, behaviour and emotion every day, cycling through the same tired old stories and changing the details just a little. Same kind of relationships, same kind of jobs, same kinds of people to hang out with, same kinds of arguments, same kinds of TV, food and sex.

I KNOW! I spent 35 odd years with the LIFE dial turned down to ‘small’. Not because I wanted to live small, but because I was afraid of getting rejected and the feelings of deep humiliation that go along with that.

I didn’t participate fully in anything. I half-assed my work. I half-assed promotion. I half-assed writing, parenting, loving, joy, and freedom and everything else. Even when I really wanted to grow and expand and spread my wings, I kept one foot anchored in ‘small’, just in case.

It’s hard to fly when you’re tethered.

It’s hard to fly when you’re tethered.It’s also hard to fly when you believe the lie that you have no power. Or believe that the power is with others who can give it to you if you just find the right strategy.

You have innate power. It’s with you right now. I know this from 10 years of working with people’s limiting beliefs and helping them to access the power of wholeness. I know that from two near death experiences and what they taught me about being alive.

Your innate power gives you access to profound wisdom and guidance that can crank the LIFE dial up to the next level. And I’m going to share with you my top three tips for accessing that power without doing loads of courses, vipassanas, hours and hours of yoga, demanding an audience with the angel Gabriel, walking in the squares and not the cracks etc.

NOTE: This is not about being EXTRAORDINARY. In fact, I give you full permission to exempt yourself from extraordinary. Extraordinary can be exhausting and very hard to maintain. That’s why it’s extraordinary – it’s not ordinary. It’s not an every day thing. Aiming for extraordinary will sow the seed of dissatisfaction in your soul.

What I’m offering here is the possibility of turning the LIFE dial up from small to FULL!

possibility of turning the LIFE dial up from small to FULLFull is: deep satisfaction, lots of moments of joy, a sense of life being totally worth it, the right amount of challenge, utlisation of all your gifts and abilities, synchronistic and delightful opportunities, and the delicious feeling on waking in the morning of embracing the adventure of the day ahead.

Even if you’re afraid.

Even if you might get rejected.

Even if you have to feel uncomfortable feelings (like humiliation or getting it wrong).

So … here they are: my three top tips for accessing your true power:

Know Your Vulnerabilities

Know your vulnerabilitiesThink about who you would be if you lived FULL, if you inhabited all of who you are and shared that with your friends, family, clients, community and the world. What are you vulnerable to in that fullness? Is it rejection? Is it getting it wrong? Is it feeling like a fraud? Is it criticism? What is you are most afraid of experiencing?

And be honest. If you sit there and say ‘I’m not afraid of anything, Pollyanna, I’m totally ready to crank it up,‘ you’re doing yourself a disservice. Let yourself see your vulnerability, it’s the source of your courage. Hang out with it. You don’t need to fix it, you’re not broken. Let yourself feel how that feels, see if you can lean into those feelings (instead of avoiding them). You will find through practice that those feelings dissipate quite naturally the more you allow them, and you have more freedom to fly.

Practice Radical Self-Acceptance

Wherever you’re at is OK. Really.

Radical self-acceptance is about allowing what is going on within you. Any time you are rejecting any part of yourself, you are also rejecting wholeness and the profound wisdom that goes with it. Be OK with your vulnerabilities. It’s OK to be afraid of criticism. It’s OK to not want to experience humiliation. It’s OK to think and say and do whatever it is that you’re doing. You don’t need to label anything as ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

Astonishingly, the practice of radical self-acceptance allows enormous growth. It allows you to put down behaviours and patterns that don’t serve you, without pushing or forcing. It allows natural expansion.

Embrace The Concept of Wholeness

Embrace The Concept of WholenessIn this moment right now I want you to put down the lie that you are not the source of your own power. It isn’t anywhere else. You don’t need a special necklace, a guardian angel, a funny walk, or anything else to access that power. Of course, you can have all those if you want and they might be very helpful, but know that they are not the source of your power.

You are whole right now and you always have been. You are not your thoughts, patterns, behaviours, emotions and beliefs. You are something much greater that encompasses all of that and more. You are a living expression of the consciousness of the universe. You are a part of everything that is. And you have the wisdom within to bring your life to FULL – whatever that looks like for you!

Embrace that knowledge. It’s not spiritual mumbo-jumbo. It’s the journey of being alive.


And if you want to experience the power of your wholeness right now and bring more FULL into your life,  try my free video process HERE. Let me know what you discovered.

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