If you want to stand in your authentic power, stop sabotaging yourself, and keep your sense of humour, I can help!

Caroline Pidcock

Thanks Pollyanna for your wonderful and caring insight that guided me to find what I needed in a time of great transition. Your skill and joy made the journey not only easy but very enjoyable 🙂

best wishes, Caroline

Caroline Pidcock, Director, PIDCOCK - Architecture + Sustainability
Doreen Vonier

Pollyanna was able to provide me with a new platform from which to live my life, in full expression of who I am. Her intuition and guidance saw me establish a renewed faith and empowered purpose for which I am truly grateful. Thanks so much, Pollyanna.

Doreen Vonier
Tashi Campbell

I was drawn to work with Pollyanna at a particularly challenging time in my life's journey.  Each session allowed a gentle unfolding that was both refreshing and confronting.  There was a beautiful progression with each session that unveiled hidden truths which then gave me the space to move forward in a deep transformative way.  Pollyanna reminds me of the beacon on a lighthouse, helping one to navigate through life's sometimes choppy seas with an approach that is light, sometimes humorous and always in truth.

Tashi Campbell

Coaching Solutions to End the Dramas

Leone White Leone White, Actress & Writer

I would recommend Pollyanna Darling’s coaching to anyone searching for some peace around an issue, challenge or problem. The sessions certainly offered a healing balm to some great, angry wounds and, on top of that, I left with a sense of beauty. There is something beautiful and poetic about Pollyanna’s methods.

Jo Gillies Jo Gillies, Archisoul Architects

I recommend Pollyanna's coaching to anyone wanting to open up to themselves, their family, and their chosen vocation in life. The processes are simple, effective and delivered with humorous aplomb ! Anyone wanting to create a beautiful life partner, or a deep well of confidence in their life AND anyone not afraid to go deep within to find their inner diamonds.